The distant nostalgic scenery,

Sweet fragrance of snow

Bound my broken memories

So I can search for the road I must take…

Far away, there’s a light I can’t quite see.

Fear…Will I lose myself if I wish hard enough to see it?

Because a heart that shatters in deepest darkness,

Is the heart that lies right here…

In this life, certainty isn’t always in front of our eyes.

Tears spill and try to live as long as they can,

Before slipping way to reunite with Earth,

Leading to the future they found…

Gazing to the sky, I walk the road.

Words we once vowed vividly resurrect.

They touched upon the forgotten memories,

That are the only proof of the thorny path we took…

In order to protect this pitiful prayer,

I was led towards that thorny path,

But a heart that shatters in deepest sorrows,

Is the heart that lies right here…

Picking up shattered fragments,

I accepted everything this life had given me,

If life grants me my only and final wish,

I will send you a single ray of light…

Tears that know of love and light,

Many of them thrived in this limited life,

Towards the heavens, the wings of flowers fly,

Continuing the road of a flourished future in the sky…

There’s nothing to cry about,

Nothing to be confused about,

I follow the wings of flowers,

And Earth disappears from sight…


Can you guess what this poem is about?

Also, this poem wasn’t completely original. One thing I like to do is adapting lyrics from another language into English and arranging and adding verses to make it sound better and more poetic. This particular poem is adapted from Hitomi no Kotae by Noria.